Some serious talk.

I’m a happy person. Yes, I’m an introvert but I could be too animated and hyper especially when in the company of my (gay) friends. We would talk and laugh about almost anything under the sun–from high school memories, to teleseryes and celebrities, to beauty products and Jolly spaghetti. Perhaps the most serious of topics we have ever tackled were about politics, career and family life, which we only feel serious discussing like every other full moon because all too often, we find it funny. Our lives, I mean.

You see, we’ve never given the concept of gender and sexuality much thought and have never been engaged in serious exchanges about being gay until quite recently when we probably felt that it’s time to address the ubiquitous societal ill of homophobia. Or fine, to put it lightly, the lack of acceptance, respect, and empathy for the LGBT community. And it surprised me how deep and meaningful our discussion had gone. It’s good to know that we’re all on the same side hoping people could be more understanding and less judgmental.


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