Oxfords obsession.

I am currently hooked on online window shopping ‘coz I’m looking into buying my first pair of (shiny) brogues. Ha! Although I don’t consider myself a fashionista, I thought these babies were cute and would fit my taste/look perfectly. Anyway, here are some of the nice shoes I saw. I still haven’t found my perfect pair, but I think the non-girly, brown ones are nice.  😀

Source: http://shoes.allwomenstalk.com/tips-on-how-to-stylishly-wear-brogues-for-women/3/

Source: http://shoes.allwomenstalk.com/tips-on-how-to-stylishly-wear-brogues-for-women/6/

Source: http://www.cablecarcouture.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/wingtip-brogues-on-women.jpg

Source: http://thenotebookofafashionlover.blogspot.com/2012/09/lets-talk-about-shoes.html



the brogues added by dotty-28

Source: http://fashionfinder.asos.com/womens-looks/the-brogues-72849

Grenson Rose wing-tip brogues

Source: http://www.ewomenshoes.com/women-shoes/grenson-rose-wing-tip-brogues/

Source: http://www.360degree.com.my/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Sienna.jpg

Then, I saw a nice bag and now I’m going site hopping in search for a similar bag. LOL



It’s annoying how some people find it hard to say the truth. But what’s more irritating are those who can’t be honest with a simple yes or no question that doesn’t even have anything to do with anything. Maybe it’s because I’m tired of living a lie. I’m tired of hiding the truth from everyone about my sexuality and my relationship with a woman that I try to tell the truth as much as possible if it’s outside of these topics.

My girlfriend and I also practice this in our relationship. You can say that it’s perhaps one of the reasons why we don’t encounter big fights anymore–because we communicate effectively. You know how some people used to say ‘I’m not lying, I’m just not telling everything’? We don’t subscribe to that. In fact, there is an unconscious effort on both our parts to say everything that’s going on even when one is not asking or there’d be no use to say it to the other. Unconsciously, it becomes our definition of truth–and it’s easier that way.

You ask how? Well, this is one example. Remember when I told you that my girlfriend would sometimes give me surprise visits? I think it happened twice when I forgot to tell her that I was going out. Then she came over, called me after parking and nagged me after finding out I wasn’t home. My illustration is quite simple ’cause my mind’s gone blank right now, but you get the point. And we could save ears from unnecessary nagging when we tell everything.

So there you go, ladies and ladies. Be honest and say the truth at all times! 😉

Food, glorious food!

My girlfriend has been doing a lot of cooking and baking recently and I’ve been the one benefitting the most. It was, in fact, a bit timely because she was in the mood to do kitchen stuff when I got sick and can’t eat just anything. So in a week, she took a 30-minute drive thrice just to bring me whatever she made–chocolate chip cookies, pasta, revel bar. Unfortunately, my sense of taste hasn’t fully recovered ’til now and my throat’s still rough so I can’t completely savor the taste of her creations. Nonetheless, I’ve shared her ‘masterpieces’ with people at home and they’ve expressed their enjoyment and said that the pastries were delicious. Good job, sweetie! 🙂

NW: Best Song Ever – One Direction

Sorry, I just had to unleash the One Direction fan girl in me to say that this freshly released video of Best Song Ever is hilarious! And Zayn (as Veronica in the vid) was too stunningly beautiful, I’m willing to give up Harry for her. LOL

Veronica and Harry


I think it’s not only the best song, but the best video ever. I was almost in tears halfway through. I’m so proud of our boys! 😀

The Lea Salonga

I watched Gandang Gabi Vice this evening where Lea Salonga was guest. It was very refreshing to see her in a different setting since I only get to see her in the Voice PH. I have to say, she didn’t age at all. Then I started browsing photos of her on Google and found that she’s more beautiful without makeup.

Anyway, during the last part of the show, Vice requested Lea to sing Daniel Padilla’s song, Nasa’yo Na Ang Lahat. She didn’t only give justice to the song, her version was honestly waaaay waaaay better! Lol. The song starts at 1:23. You HAVE to hear this! 😉



I had fever the other day ’til yesterday and I’m still recuperating today. It was the first time I got sick in a long time and I felt weak and helpless. My temperature ranged from 38.1-39.5˚C, my head was crushingly painful, my joints were aching, my gums were swelling, everything I ate tasted bitter, there were episodes when my fingers and lips felt numb, and I suddenly had rashes on my limbs and torso.

Naturally, I found it hard to move so I lied in bed the whole time. Standing was a total effort, but I had to make trips downstairs where the kitchen and bathroom were. For some reason, I kept all signs of pain in my room and looked normal in front of people (save for my disheveled hair) whenever I’d make the trip, which could be why they found no urgency in my condition. So yeah, no one thought of bringing me to the hospital.

I’m always the one who takes care of my brothers when they’re ill. Not because I was asked to, but because I thought I had to do it. When my mother was the patient, I’d visit her in her room from time to time to see if she needs anything. I would squeeze fresh fruits for juice or clean her room even without her telling me to. As the eldest who happened to be a woman, I was somehow able to develop motherly instincts perhaps because I was too scornful of mom’s own insufficiency as a mother. And for the longest time, I thought I could proxy her for my brothers. When I got sick, however, this mindset changed.

I somehow grew to understand that boys do not do the caring, so I can’t expect my brothers to bring me food or anything. At my state, I only had my mom to rely on. Since she had work, it was perfectly clear to me that the very least she can do was to check on me before she leaves in the morning and when she comes home at night, to make sure that I have eaten in time for medicine–but these she failed to do. Every time she went in my room to bring food (i.e., oatmeal, which I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), it was because there was something she needed from me. If it wasn’t for my girlfriend who came over yesterday, I wouldn’t have gone to the hospital for some tests and medication.

At night, mom came in my room asking for something again. As I was getting my purse, she asked about the doctor’s findings. Holding my anger, I said, “why bother knowing when you don’t care anyway?” Upon hearing this, she walked out of my room and didn’t take the thing she was asking for. Despite her horrible mothering, I knew I was wrong for saying those hurtful words. Regardless of what she has (not) done, she’s still my mother who deserves respect. That’s as far as respect goes. But then again, she’s spending the night at the beach with her friends about 3 hours from here, completely oblivious of what her daughter is going through. And there goes my point.