The same and different

In as much as my girlfriend and I are similar in a lot of ways, we have opposite tastes in many things too.

Pizza. She likes cheesy, no-meat pizza; I usually order the house specialty (complete with meat, bell pepper, onions, cheese, etc.). Sometimes, we would order two so both of us are satisfied. But since two pans are expensive, I often succumb to her favorite–4-cheese or margherita to make her happy. Aren’t I the best girlfriend in the world? 😉

Beverage. She can’t live a day without Coke before but had to let go when she got sick. But I’d like to think she quit soda for I kept on telling her it’s not healthy. So now she drinks cold water instead. :D; I prefer (warm to room temp) water because I have hyperacidity and also, it’s healthier than cold water and any other beverage.

Movies. Because of a heart condition she has been recently diagnosed with, she can’t handle the loud sound effects in the cinema. So she’s been into quiet, non-violent films; I’m a fan of Spiderman, Iron Man, The Avengers, and all those Marvel superheroes so I try to watch them all on the big screen.

Prime time. She’s a morning person. She wakes up between 6-7am and is active at daytime; I’m nocturnal. My day starts at 1pm, lucky if I get up before 12 noon, and get work done in the evening. This has recently been the root of our conflicts, though. She wants me to adjust my body clock. Hihi.

Job. She doesn’t like office work–sitting in a cubicle staring at the computer screen for 8 to 9 hours a day, 5 times a week; For me, it doesn’t matter. Work is work, play is play.

Work place. She doesn’t want to work outside the Philippines because she thinks she’s not meant to work there; I’m open to all opportunities provided the environment is safe.

Sports. She’s an avid fan of NBA, PBA, and F1; I only watch whenever I chance upon them when I switch channels.

Music. She plays piano; I play guitar. I sing too, but not to say that I’m anywhere near being a good singer. Lol.

Series. She’s more into American series; I like Korean better, except for The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and The Newsroom, thanks to her influence.

Mode of communication. She calls whether or not she has something to say; I usually prefer texting.

These are just some of it. I don’t wanna bore you with a long list.

But lastly… Yesterday, she told me that when we move in together, she wants a bed with a headboard like this; I want a wooden one. How do we settle? LOL



11 thoughts on “The same and different

  1. Our headboard is a combination of both! But the padding is sexy black leather and the wood is dark espresso color. 🙂 I got lucky because my wife didn’t care either way lol, so good luck!

  2. Lol. You could always have her pick out a few of her favorites and then let you pick which one is the winner out of all of those?

  3. It’s a pity your girlfriend has a heart condition I hope it’s one she has under control. It seems you and I have a lot in common apart from the pizza i don’t like them at all. Headboard solution would be wooden – easy to clean making it dust free 🙂

    • Nothing serious with my girlfriend’s condition, but her activities are kind of limited as of the moment.

      How could anyone not like pizza?? It’s man’s greatest creation!

      I have cleaning issues too, but I can’t make the decision by myself. Or else she might tell me to sleep on it alone. :p

      • Personally I think noodles are mans greatest creation!
        I’m glad your girlfriends condition isn’t serious.
        Perhaps you can use hygiene as a reason for considering the wooden headboard?

  4. I think it’s all about perspective. I am with the person I’m with because we are so different. I don’t want to be with someone just like myself, I think it would be rather boring. But I also learned fairly quickly that if the Filipina in the house is happy, then everyone else is happy. . .and vice versa. lol 🙂

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