The boyfriend who doesn’t and the girlfriend who does.

This afternoon, I dressed up to buy some snacks outside when my phone rang.

“Look out your window,” the voice said. It was my girlfriend.

“You’re here?” I asked expectantly while peeking out.

She was seated in her car with the driver’s window down, smiling back at me. She didn’t tell me she’d come. And I love it when she does that. There was one time when she came way too early I was still asleep. I was slightly embarrassed to face her without washing up and brushing my teeth. But I had no choice, my door was open. Lol.

“Good thing you came before I went for a walk,” I told her.

“Where are you going?”

“I was about to visit bakers’ heaven.”

“What’s that?”

“My heaven, Bakers’ Fair, the bakeshop.”

Either of us ended the call, I’m not sure who. Anyway, I picked up my coin purse and slippers and headed out.

I asked if she wanted to tag along, but she declined. I insisted that I had to buy snacks for mom and I, yet she still refused and handed me a box of donuts instead. My chinky eyes grew big with delight.

I wanted to be sure it was for me. “For me?” I inquired, taking the box from her.

“No, that’s mine.” I can’t remember if her face was serious but I think her voice was.

“Then I should really go to Bakers’ Fair. Would you like to wait for me here?”

“No, I was kidding.” She finally smiled.

Heh. “Hold it. We have a visitor.” I gave the box back.



Upon hearing R’s name, she took the box and made a funny face. I was sure she’d proudly hold the box while walking past R and that she did.

R is my cousin’s boyfriend. My girlfriend and I don’t like him because he’s a leech and a gambler. Being neighbors with my cousin and her family, he comes over to our house almost everyday, bets with my brothers and uncle, and eats dinner at home instead of my cousin’s. And he’s never brought anything, even a bottle of Coke, you know, out of social etiquette. He’s very much unlike my girlfriend, especially in terms of social protocol. In addition to the kind of person he is, I’ve grown to hate him more because I’m quite bitter how my family has learned to accept him, whereas I can’t introduce my ‘best friend’ as my girlfriend who is undoubtedly more generous, decent, and humble than him. They aren’t even comparable. It’s just so unfair how my life is right now. Good thing I choose to be gay all the time. 😉


11 thoughts on “The boyfriend who doesn’t and the girlfriend who does.

  1. R seems quite rude. I don’t like takers at all. Your girlfriend sounds lovely. Yes it sucks you can’t be open in front of your family.

  2. Your girlfriend is so sweet!! I totally don’t understand how people can accept people like your cousin’s boyfriend but not your girlfriend because of “social norms” I guess it’s fine to be a leech and not so fine to love someone.

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