Welcome to WordPress, Baby. :)

I tried so hard to keep my WordPress a secret from my girlfriend because from time to time, I’d be talking about her, I’d be saying things I might not normally tell her like how much she’s making me happy and all those cheesy stuff. I thought she’d tease me for praising her too much, but she found me and I can’t do anything about it anymore. Lol.

She accidentally read my username on my planner some weeks back but I guess she forgot. Then just this week, she clicked a link to an article I re-posted before which the original writer tweeted. She was directed to a URL which she thought was familiar and started reading one or two other entries.

We were seated face to face in a cafe when I caught her visiting my page and I was like, “I’ll have to delete my WordPress and make another one.” We had a good laugh. I was literally embarrassed but I examined her reaction as she read on. I noticed in the mirror behind her that she was lingering on a certain part of the entry before this and was smiling a satisfied smile. “What’s taking you too long to read?” I asked then went back to my own business. A couple of minutes later, I looked at the mirror and saw her reading the first part again.

She liked it! I must’ve done a good job, no? 😉

Anyway, she created her own account and I’m so pleased to introduce you to The Bad Writer. Haha! 😀

Have a nice day everyone! x


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