Educating and being a good example.

“Yuck! They’re gay?”

That was my youngest brother’s reaction when he saw two men embrace passionately in the soap opera I was watching, a microcosm of the general attitude of Filipinos towards homosexuality. This theme is just so taboo in the Philippine media, Filipinos are still kept in the dark even after it has been proven for ages that homosexuality is not a mental disorder and that Christian groups welcome LGBTs as part of the Church (without the sexual acts, that is). And I find it very embarrassing that this is the reality in my country. They have been censoring stories that revolve around the relationship of same-sex partners, but they fail to dwell on more important societal issues such as domestic violence, child labor, and women trafficking. So many people could have been educated and led to accept the LGBT community if only the media is used as an instrument to open their minds.

Anyway, to answer my brother’s question, I said, “yes, they are and I think there’s nothing wrong with it.” Then I made remarks like, “aww, they’re so sweet” or “I envy these two”. If I had answered him with a plain “yes” and no follow-up or any sign that it was okay with me, he could have continued with his “conservative” point-of-view. But I’m a caring sister and I didn’t want my brother to be ignorant for the rest of his life so I tried to show him how we should react and think with regard to this matter and hopefully, it’s a start of a wider perspective for him.


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