The missing link

Photo not mine.

Everyone in the family is getting married!

Excuse my exaggeration. I just can’t believe that two of my closest cousins (the ones next to and before me) are about to tie the knot with their partners.

The eldest among my cousins on my dad’s side already has a 4-year-old little girl and is living with his partner (not married, but they’ve been together since) in a foreign country; the second is engaged and is getting married next year; the third is me; and the fourth is pregnant and next month will be her wedding. Out of the four eldest in our generation, I’m technically the only one who hasn’t introduced a partner which is why I’ve been getting questions more frequently these days.

“Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”, “you should get married soon”, “you should have a baby before 30”–these are some of the things I hate being asked/told. Sometimes, I blame my cousins for settling too early. Times are hard, you know. I thought they should focus first on their careers for their future family like what I’m doing, but they chose to start a family already and it’s none of my business anymore. Scrap that. The truth is, I didn’t want them to get married yet because I was afraid all the attention would be redirected to me.


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