Architectural designs

My favorite person as a kid was my grandfather probably because he’s the only one who spoiled and treated me like a princess.

In one of my hospital visits days before his passing, he asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I was 12 then. I confidently told him that I wanted to be an architect and was so sure of it. I liked looking at pictures of beautiful houses and drawing them and building them on Lego and thought that I’d make so much money if I became one. He seemed satisfied with my ambition. He was proud of me especially for thinking about my future as early as that age and I was happy to have pleased him.

However, things happened and I didn’t take up architecture. In fact, I took a path that had nothing to do with the things I genuinely enjoyed in my childhood. In high school, I discovered my love for Math, learned a little about bookkeeping, and figured I wanted to take up accountancy instead. Again, for a sudden twist of events, I was not even able to include accountancy in my university applications. For the longest time, I regret being vulnerable and indecisive.

But my love for beautiful houses hasn’t left me ’til now. I still take time to appreciate the originality, simplicity and elegance of modern architectural and interior designs through the internet or in books and magazines whenever I’d go to the bookstore. It gives me a certain feeling. It kind of brings me back to my childhood and is an effective stress reliever for me.

Here are some of the pictures I started saving in my laptop from about two years ago. πŸ™‚



46522_491868787512395_1101622975_n 225808_476423869056887_1483929634_n 378483_497847463581194_840342964_n 382033_500277133338227_1775327192_n 550723_497583943607546_539355803_n Space saver lib3687_497175746981699_993670253_n 12166_404671386280528_1990182847_n

Photos aren’t mine.


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