It’s annoying how some people find it hard to say the truth. But what’s more irritating are those who can’t be honest with a simple yes or no question that doesn’t even have anything to do with anything. Maybe it’s because I’m tired of living a lie. I’m tired of hiding the truth from everyone about my sexuality and my relationship with a woman that I try to tell the truth as much as possible if it’s outside of these topics.

My girlfriend and I also practice this in our relationship. You can say that it’s perhaps one of the reasons why we don’t encounter big fights anymore–because we communicate effectively. You know how some people used to say ‘I’m not lying, I’m just not telling everything’? We don’t subscribe to that. In fact, there is an unconscious effort on both our parts to say everything that’s going on even when one is not asking or there’d be no use to say it to the other. Unconsciously, it becomes our definition of truth–and it’s easier that way.

You ask how? Well, this is one example. Remember when I told you that my girlfriend would sometimes give me surprise visits? I think it happened twice when I forgot to tell her that I was going out. Then she came over, called me after parking and nagged me after finding out I wasn’t home. My illustration is quite simple ’cause my mind’s gone blank right now, but you get the point. And we could save ears from unnecessary nagging when we tell everything.

So there you go, ladies and ladies. Be honest and say the truth at all times! 😉


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