My new-found hobby.


Drawing. 😀


What would you do?

If you knew your mom’s lying to you but she doesn’t admit that she is, what will you do?

I’ve been keeping my doubts for weeks, coming up with arguments supporting both sides of the coin. Today, I’ve finally decided that she was lying and so I confronted her. I called her phone in rage. I raised my voice. I was just hoping she’d say the truth. But the more she held on to her lie, the angrier I became. She hasn’t finished talking when I dropped the call. A few seconds later, she called to defend herself. I still wasn’t convinced so I dropped the call again.

This is the first time in more than a decade that I talked to my mom so harshly. When my dad first left us when I was 14, I promised myself never to upset her because she doesn’t deserve it. Being the only one who supports the family, it was unfair of me to cause her heartaches. So I did my best to fulfill my promise. I also tried not to get into fights with my brothers and acted like a mother to them to lessen my mom’s burden at home.

So now, you get why I also hurt myself with what I did. Though I know she wasn’t telling truth, it doesn’t justify what I did. I literally feel bad. I think I’m going to get sick. And if I were a little more religious, I’d say that the strong winds that followed our short phone “conversation” was God telling me that I was wrong.

Random Social Media Musings.

1. Social media brings out the worst in judgmental people.

2. There should be a new media theory on the effect of going over too many feeds in one’s Facebook or Twitter timeline–maybe in line with the Agenda Setting or Cultivation theories.

3. People can “un-friend” someone they know personally in their social media accounts because they find his/her posts weird. Some will also “un-friend” him/her offline.

4. People are getting bored with Facebook. Mr. Z should do something about it.

5. I blame Twitter for my deteriorating proficiency in the English language!

6. Social media turns people into anti-socials.

7. Sometimes, it’s better to make friends with people you don’t know online. They’re strangers, but you’ll feel they care. 🙂

My Guilty Pleasures

1. Tweeting celebrities. Most of the celebrities I follow have millions of fans and these fans would probably spam or say offending things to get noticed, but that’s not what I do. I just tweet them non-weird things every once in awhile or reply to their tweets like a normal person would react to it (except for some i love you’s and <3’s maybe, LOL).

2. Online Window Shopping. I usually go for something more comfortable like jeans, shirt and sneakers–something that easily blends in with the crowd. There are times, however, when I’d be curious of what’s in style or fancy shoes or tops I see on celebrities on TV. So then I’d start googling it, know what it’s called, browse through photos to see what other designs I might like, and check where it’s available in the country. Later, I figured that online window shopping actually saves me money because the more I look at photos, the more I become satisfied, and so my interest fades away. Try it, everyone! 😉

3. Browsing through Architectural and Interior Designs. I had this in one of my recent posts, but I included it anyway. My favorite spot in the book store is the architecture shelf. I’d open architectural and interior design sample books but I never purchased any. So yeah, I’m guilty because I’m one of the reasons why those books wear out easily and why some book shops prefer not having samples. Sorry! x

4. Streaming Zumba and Just Dance 4 dance on Youtube. This one, I just recently tried out. As many of my friends and family know, I don’t dance and it’s mainly because it’s not my talent (did I mention I have inferiority complex?). But because of Youtube, I get to try it on my own without feeling uneasy that other people are staring at me, judging. And it’s fun, actually. Plus, it feels good that I’m sweating and burning all these calories. When I got the hang of it, I transferred to the living room practically because it’s more conducive to move there. Though people at home start seeing me dance, I don’t think I’m confident enough to do it with my friends around. One time, I was merely 30 minutes into my ‘workout’ when a frequent visitor came in. Good thing I was still streaming the videos or else I would have died of embarrassment!

5. Planning a trip. When airlines go on sale, I’d choose a destination and see if there are still available seats. Very patiently, I start from the first day of the travel period to the next until I find slots. Then, I google the tourist attractions, festivities, food, activities, whatever I can find in my chosen vacation place. I write these and the flight number on a piece of paper. All happy and excited, I’d try to invite my girlfriend or my aunt (my favorite travel buddy). But at the end of the day, it’s just a plan. Oh well.


I’ve been craving for Cadbury and Greenwich Pizza all thanks to watching too much telly lately. I haven’t watched this much in 7 years and was never a victim of food ads prior to that until I noticed that my girlfriend was. Sometimes, she picks something that’s not even from a commercial, but from a movie or a series or a random kid she sees in the mall. At first, I thought she wasn’t serious. I thought she was just trying to be cute (which she does all the time) and so I’d laugh at her. One time, we hunted for an orange Tic Tac, which she saw in Juno. Another time, we were in the department store looking for a specific kind of orange kettle, which I later found out to be in one of the episodes of our favorite series, The Big Bang Theory (I know it’s not food, but I can’t think of any other examples right now). But the next thing I knew, I caught her virus. So every time I see something that looks alluringly delicious, whether it’s in a TVC or a billboard or print ad or with another person on the street, I can’t get it out of my head until I get a taste of it. Now, I can’t believe how serious this is, yet I used to laugh at it. It’s still funny, though (how instantly we react to the yummy things we see).


Meron akong fino-follow na celebrity sa Twitter na idol na idol ko dahil lahat ng pangit pinupuna niya sa social networking site na ito. Kulang na nga lang pati mga pangit na celebrities punahin niya eh. Joke! Ang hindi joke, mapa-pulitiko, kapwa celebrity, religious leaders, bansa, wala siyang pakialam sa kanila basta sasabihin niya lahat ng iniisip niya ‘pag alam niyang ito ang tama. Ano nga naman ang pakialam nila, may freedom of expression tayo.

Ang kagandahan din dito, parang ang tapang niya kasi isipin mo, atakihin mo ba naman ‘yung mga malalakas na tao sa lipunan? Astig kaya ‘yon. Basta, ang talino at ang profound ng mga banat niya patungkol sa mga social ills natin, tapos siyempre, Twitter pa ‘yon so ang powerful, ‘di ba?

Nung isang araw nga nag-tweet siya ng, ‘Sometimes, I weep for humanity’ kasama ng screen cap ng top 2 trending topics noong araw na ‘yon.  Ang isa ay tungkol sa trailer ng teleseryeng marahil ay inaabangan ng maraming Pilipinong gumagamit ng Twitter, at ang isa naman ay para kay Justin Bieber.

Oo nga naman. Dapat pa nga natin siyang samahang magluksa dahil sa kababawan ng sangkatauhan (or in this case, sa kababawan ng mga Pilipinong gumagamit ng Twitter) dahil ito ang kanilang mga pinag-uusapan sa halip na mga mas socially relevant at kapaki-pakinabang na bagay. Haay, naku, ang mga Pilipino talaga. Sana lahat ng Pilipino tularan na lang ang mga tweets nya, baka umasenso pa ang bansa natin. Bakit ba sila nag-aaksaya ng panahon na magpa-trend pa ng mga walang kakwenta-kwentang bagay? Waste of time, ah.

Isang beses naman, sinuggest niya sa mga obispo (sa pamamagitan din ng Twitter) na patirahin na lang sa mga simbahan lahat ng illegal settlers na nawalan ng tirahan dahil sa demolisyon. Sayang naman daw ang space kasi nga naman, ang lalaki ng simbahan eh ‘pag linggo lang naman napupuno. Bakit nga naman hindi? Ang lawak kaya ng lupain ng simbahan. At sa dinami-rami ng donations na natatanggap nila sa mga taga-sunod nila, kayang-kaya nilang kumupkop ng mga homeless. Tsaka teaching ni Jesus ‘yon, ‘di ba? Pero hindi naman sa pag-aano, ha, sinusuportahan ko si idol dito, ‘wag lang niyang sasabihin ‘yan sa mga Muslim kasi hindi natin sila kabisadong magalit. Pero okay lang talaga kung mga Kristiyanong lider lang ang patamaan niya.

Sa totoo lang, marami pa ‘yan. Kulang pa ‘yan para ma-establish ko ‘yung pagtingala ko rito sa idol ko. Kaya lang #medyobusy ako eh. Next time ko na lang itutuloy, ha?