I’ve been craving for Cadbury and Greenwich Pizza all thanks to watching too much telly lately. I haven’t watched this much in 7 years and was never a victim of food ads prior to that until I noticed that my girlfriend was. Sometimes, she picks something that’s not even from a commercial, but from a movie or a series or a random kid she sees in the mall. At first, I thought she wasn’t serious. I thought she was just trying to be cute (which she does all the time) and so I’d laugh at her. One time, we hunted for an orange Tic Tac, which she saw in Juno. Another time, we were in the department store looking for a specific kind of orange kettle, which I later found out to be in one of the episodes of our favorite series, The Big Bang Theory (I know it’s not food, but I can’t think of any other examples right now). But the next thing I knew, I caught her virus. So every time I see something that looks alluringly delicious, whether it’s in a TVC or a billboard or print ad or with another person on the street, I can’t get it out of my head until I get a taste of it. Now, I can’t believe how serious this is, yet I used to laugh at it. It’s still funny, though (how instantly we react to the yummy things we see).


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