Thoughts on my internship application today.

I went to a job interview at 9 AM today without being aware that the company I was applying for was BPO in nature. What’s wrong with BPO? Well…

The night before the scheduled interview, I reviewed the company’s profile and familiarized myself with their products and services. I also went over the job description and other specs again to be more prepared for the next day. Knowing that it was a Fortune 500 multinational firm with more than 120 years in the business, the thought of being shortlisted for the position I was applying for gave me a thrill. (My mom was more excited than me.) Plus, I can contribute my skills, while gaining experience in the time being. I definitely will give it my best, I thought.

Come interview day, the environment outside the building already gave me the impression that it wasn’t the company I was expecting it to be since there were many BPO firms in the area. And that came true during the orientation. I guess I missed the part (in my crammed research at home) that their branch in the Philippines offers ‘shared services’. According to

Shared services is the consolidation of business operations that are used by multiple parts of the same organization. [It is] cost-efficient because they centralize back-office operations that are used by multiple divisions of the same company and eliminate redundancy.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding of this is that if I work for the company, I’d be doing most of the hard work, while my counterpart in another country will make use of my deliverables. In other words, I can never see the results of my work and the completion of whatever project I’m working on. And for me, there is no sense of achievement there. What’s even more disappointing is the fact that majority of the applicants in the briefing room were IT and engineering graduates (some are maybe licensed), yet they will be doing back-office work that’ll give them less pay and credit than what they deserve. So I wonder, is the increase in the number of jobs generated by BPOs really something to be proud of?

In case you’re wondering, I deferred my application.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts on my internship application today.

    • LOL Not at all. 😉

      It stands for Business Process Outsourcing. Many companies in wealthier countries outsource parts of their operation off-shore where the cost of labor is cheaper. For instance, credit card companies hire BPOs in the Philippines to provide customer service support to their clients.

      Shared services is just like this. However, with shared services, we have two graduates/professionals in different countries (one from a rich country and the other from a third-world, usually), but one is given the opportunity to contribute more to the company and have career growth, while the other is made to do menial work. I just find it degrading that our graduates are belittled. 😦

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