A need to communicate.

I want to see a therapist, or maybe someone who can give me her full attention anytime I call. Someone who doesn’t know me personally, but who’ll be interested, who’ll ask about my life, my frustrations, my thoughts, my stories. Someone who’ll just focus on me the whole time, encouraging me to talk more. Someone who can help me understand my feelings and sort them out. Someone I won’t need to hide anything from. She’ll help me answer questions about myself, questions I haven’t heard before, and would understand if I opted not to answer any. We’ll talk in a small, cozy room, where only two sounds can be heard–that of our voices and silence. Her voice, soft and low, will be enough to keep my calm because it lends the assurance that she won’t judge me. And even without physical contact, just her voice, I’ll feel her warm embrace holding me tightly until the hour ends.


7 thoughts on “A need to communicate.

  1. Yes, amediablogger is correct. . . take care of yourself first, only then are you able to care for others. Unfortunately, many women, especially Mothers, find this difficult to do. Later in life, they may figure it out but usually after experiencing some kind of emotional/physical burn-out because they do not put their needs first. I’m “lucky”. . . as least that’s what sk tells me. . . to have my own personal therapist living with me. Totally joking, she couldn’t be my therapist even if I wanted to see her professionally. Peace.

    • When I was a kid, I noticed that very few people listen. I thought it was the problem with the world, so I promised myself that I’d be a good listener. And many people compliment me for being so. But as time passed, it became natural for me to keep quiet unless given the chance to express my thoughts. I tend to hold everything in, every feeling of happiness, anger, disgust, and whatnot, because nobody else is a listener. Or no one else gives a damn. I guess I just sort of imploded, with all these things going on lately and finding myself alone, in spite my girlfriend being here, that I needed a way out.

      Sk may be right. Even if you can’t see your therapist professionally, you are even more lucky because you’re living with one. How about a write up on how it is living with a therapist? 😉

      • Maybe you can find a cheaper outlet. . . you don’t want those feelings to stay all bottled up, you might explode!
        Ohhh, there are so many avenues I can go down right now to answer your request, but I’ll simply say, nope. . . I will not be writing about living with a therapist. Nothing good could come from me doing that. 🙂

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