I’m not saying that I have the worst problems in the world, but I’m carrying a really heavy burden that’s very difficult to carry alone. Which is why I was hoping (but probably expecting too much) that you could at least listen to help me ease off some of the weight that’s on my shoulders. I’m not asking you to solve anything, all you can do for me is lend an ear. Sana.


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  1. Write it down, girl. Create a safe place where you can at least release whatever is burdening you so deeply. Release that negative energy. Peace.

      • Actually, I think that’s how we started communicating in the first place several months ago. . . talking about a safe writing place. Well, we must have come full circle!
        Oh, we’re fine. Looking forward to a new year, fresh beginnings and new goals! Thank you for asking. Hope all is well with your gf and family. Peace.

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