What inspires you?

I’m trying to open myself to other opportunities now because I’m starting to feel that market research isn’t for me (or so it seems). But then when I look at this photo, I’m like, “screw it. I can do this!” Sabi nga nila, kung hindi ka magtitiwala sa sarili mo, sino pa? 🙂

Photo not mine.

Photo not mine.


Mandatory Christmas Post

Nothing compares to the joy I feel whenever I buy and wrap gifts for my loved ones during Christmas and seeing them smile when I hand over my presents. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give this year because I’m broke. I have yet to find a job so that hopefully next year I get to give again. Apologies to my family for now. :p

Anyway… Christmas is something we Filipinos enjoy even in the midst of trials and challenges in life. It’s something we celebrate despite deaths, poverty, and whatnot. My family, for one, have had this long-standing tradition of gathering for Noche Buena every year, counting down 10 seconds to midnight to greet each other Merry Christmas and line up for our presents. But change is inevitable. At one point, our tradition may change; we might welcome new members to our family such as my newly-born nieces and nephews or any of us may not be there to celebrate Christmas with the rest of the family like before, like my grandfather who passed away last month. And I fully understand that these things happen so we should just make the most out of every moment we have together. What is more important is that Christmas or not, we remain a family and we continue to live the values we learned as a family.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

Happiness is a choice.

My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 6 years now, but there are still some things about me that I don’t want her to see or hear–deep, dark family secrets that could drive anyone crazy except for me because (I believe) my years of experience have made me stronger. I thought it might be better to keep these things to myself.

This afternoon, she said she was depressed. Despite not knowing why, I had a feeling it was about her career and some other things that she can’t do because of it. I wanted to tell her how lucky she was that at least she has a job and how grateful she should be that there’s always her mother to depend on because there are people out there who are experiencing worse (i.e., me). What could be worse than the fact that I’ve only graduated recently and I’m looking for my first job at mid-20’s when most of our batchmates were already buying their own cars out of their earnings? What could be more unfortunate than growing up in a dysfunctional family with my mother barely spending time with her children because she had to work for a living, yet her earnings are still not enough to sustain our needs? And what could be more depressing than eating rice and soup on some days because the only food you have on your table is the leftover sinigang or nilaga that you had for dinner last night? At least she doesn’t get to experience these.

But I still don’t get why she chooses to be sad. My life is literally a mess as it is, yet I don’t dwell on the things that would ruin me. Yes, sometimes I breakdown because I, too, am human. But I don’t make it a habit. I often tell her to quit those depressing thoughts because it won’t help her, and she told me that being happy won’t make a difference either. Just like this, she always had something to say. But in the end, it is her choice if she wants to win over herself and just accept the challenges that life brings. Whoever said that there’s an end to one’s problems anyway?

Personal Branding

It’s funny that two nights ago, my girlfriend and I were just talking about personal branding and how they were being encouraged to dress up a certain way at work so as to develop better branding for their company. Then yesterday morning, while giving myself a last look in the mirror before I left for my interview, my mom told me that I’m not getting the job because I wasn’t wearing make-up. I gave her the usual sarcastic laugh before delivering my speech.

See, I hate wearing make-up and I believe that I look better without it. But when people ask me, I just say that I’m allergic to cosmetics. Then, they’d argue that there’s now what they call hypo-allergenic make-up and I’ve no excuse anymore.

But why is it such a big deal? Can’t they just respect that not all women like putting on make-up? I mean, isn’t it enough that I’m dressed up nicely and I communicate myself effectively in the interview (not to mention the credentials detailed in my CV) that I still have to wear it for companies to consider me? Or is it just my mom? Because I’ve seen a lot of professionals in the middle and upper management who don’t wear make-up at all, but made it to the top. So…

What I’ve been doing for the past month.

I’ve been job hunting since the first week of November and I have to admit, it’s really tiresome. Imagine, I’ve only had one interview since I started sending out my application. Three, if I’ll count the two interviews I’ll have this week. It’s just hard to find a job these days because it’s not hiring season. And the ones available, they aren’t the track I want to follow.

I have also begun forwarding my CV to recruitment agencies and companies outside the country. Who knows, I might get lucky. But really, if things don’t work out well this month, I’m seriously flying to another country and find a job there.