Personal Branding

It’s funny that two nights ago, my girlfriend and I were just talking about personal branding and how they were being encouraged to dress up a certain way at work so as to develop better branding for their company. Then yesterday morning, while giving myself a last look in the mirror before I left for my interview, my mom told me that I’m not getting the job because I wasn’t wearing make-up. I gave her the usual sarcastic laugh before delivering my speech.

See, I hate wearing make-up and I believe that I look better without it. But when people ask me, I just say that I’m allergic to cosmetics. Then, they’d argue that there’s now what they call hypo-allergenic make-up and I’ve no excuse anymore.

But why is it such a big deal? Can’t they just respect that not all women like putting on make-up? I mean, isn’t it enough that I’m dressed up nicely and I communicate myself effectively in the interview (not to mention the credentials detailed in my CV) that I still have to wear it for companies to consider me? Or is it just my mom? Because I’ve seen a lot of professionals in the middle and upper management who don’t wear make-up at all, but made it to the top. So…


2 thoughts on “Personal Branding

  1. I’m with you but apparently it makes a big deal. When I did the 9-5 office job and had a meeting with a client, I would wear some make-up and only the basics, shhhh, don’t tell anyone! Not because I wanted to appear more feminine but to look older. It drove me crazy.

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