Mandatory Christmas Post

Nothing compares to the joy I feel whenever I buy and wrap gifts for my loved ones during Christmas and seeing them smile when I hand over my presents. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give this year because I’m broke. I have yet to find a job so that hopefully next year I get to give again. Apologies to my family for now. :p

Anyway… Christmas is something we Filipinos enjoy even in the midst of trials and challenges in life. It’s something we celebrate despite deaths, poverty, and whatnot. My family, for one, have had this long-standing tradition of gathering for Noche Buena every year, counting down 10 seconds to midnight to greet each other Merry Christmas and line up for our presents. But change is inevitable. At one point, our tradition may change; we might welcome new members to our family such as my newly-born nieces and nephews or any of us may not be there to celebrate Christmas with the rest of the family like before, like my grandfather who passed away last month. And I fully understand that these things happen so we should just make the most out of every moment we have together. What is more important is that Christmas or not, we remain a family and we continue to live the values we learned as a family.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂


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