Officially employed!

While everyone else dreads Monday, I, on the other hand, can’t wait for it to come. Yes, I officially start work tomorrow. (Yey!) I got accepted into this local market research company with a relatively more competitive compensation package and from what I’ve gathered, a really good training ground for starters in the industry. But what made me choose this over my other offer? 

Prior to taking the job offer from this local company, it was a choice between this and a multinational one. Benefits-wise, the offer from the mnc was, as expected, very enticing to the point that I almost signed their contract without hearing the other offer. It also helped (confuse me) that the HR manager promised that I’ll have the best training, learning investment and career growth with them. In addition, the mnc is part of the WPP, the umbrella company of the biggest market research companies in the world, and is thus known for upholding international standards. So when I’m ripe to pursue my career in another country, having their company name on my CV would make me standout.

It was a very tough decision that up to the very last minute, I couldn’t make up my mind. I found it amusing that, when I asked my family and some of my friends which of the two offers looked better, they all chose the mnc practically because of the name and its fringe benefits. I would’ve chosen it for the same reason. However, I didn’t take it partly since the basic salary was lower. And after I clarified the offer from the local company, I found that it is, after all, as competitive as the mnc.

So I was left with the company’s working environment, one of my primary considerations in choosing a job, as the deciding point. From what I know, the mnc only takes the top 10% of the graduating class of the top universities in the country, enough for me to feel that the air there is rather intimidating. On the other hand, I have a couple of friends at the local company who told me how satisfied they are with their job and how more like a family the whole company is. Needless to say, I freely gave the point to the local.

Meanwhile, three months back, my uncle who’s friends with one of the key position holders in a big pharmaceutical company in the country promised to help me get in. Despite that I wanted to learn first from the suppliers side, I coveted the position because it was a rare opportunity. When I saw him the other day, he told me that he just followed up my application with his friend. But I had to be honest that I already signed a contract with my current employer (because I can’t afford to wait that long, but this I didn’t tell him). My uncle seemed disappointed so I felt really bad. At the same time, I’m not sure the same opportunity will knock again in a few years. Nonetheless, I’ll work really hard and show my best tomorrow onwards. Please pray for my success. Aja! 🙂


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