First week at work…

It’s technically my 4th day at work today but I haven’t done anything real yet. My orientation lasts for a week so I’ll be going around the different departments to learn about the flow of things ’til tomorrow. So far, this was how I spent my week:

For my first day, I filled out lots of forms at the HR department. After which, I read the company handbook from cover to cover and discussed with the HR manager. Good thing my girlfriend visited me so I had some company during lunch. In the afternoon, the HR manager toured me around the building and introduced me to each and every employee around. I never got to memorize the names, though, there were just too many for me to remember.

On my second day, I was brought to the company’s other office for a quick tour of the building and an introduction to the employees. I spotted a hot chick on the first door I entered. It was a rare incidence of love at first sight. And from then on, I looked forward to visiting that office again. LOL When we came back to the corporate office, I was finally able meet the whole department as one. They were all convened in one room for the monthly status report when I arrived. They were actually too loud for a formal meeting. Nonetheless, they were very welcoming and I immediately felt like I belonged. I started to feel pressure, however, when they asked me to show my talent in front after the reports were done. They said that they’re the more competitive group and they throw away untalented people. If there is one useful thing I’ve learned from our numerous family gatherings, it is never to decline requests like that, regardless of how “talent-less” you are. So as game as I was, I sat in front, introduced myself and sang a funny song. After singing the first line, they laughed. Not bad, I suppose. I was aiming for fun anyway. Come lunch time, my buddy told me that they have this tradition that buddies should treat new employees to lunch. We went to a nearby restaurant with three of my teammates and in spite our differences, we surprisingly instantly clicked. I spent the rest of the day sitting on my desk, doing my assignment for our monthly social activity–looking up the movie schedules for our set date.

I went to the field office on my third day. Unfortunately, the manager who was supposed to orient me wasn’t around ’til after lunch. It turns out, she was on leave the whole day. But she came to the office anyway for a short meeting. While waiting for the other managers, she gave me a brief lecture on what they do in the field and how to establish socio-economic classes. So on my third day, this is what I learned: that market research is evil because they teach us how to be judgmental in order to establish one’s socio-economic class. LOL After one more orientation with a field supervisor, the manager asked the FS to establish the SECs of the houses within the neighborhood so that I can observe the actual fieldwork. This under the scorching heat of the sun, I had no choice but to oblige. The upside here was that I was allowed to go home an hour and a half earlier.

Today, my orientation was at the operations building again, this time with our team’s data processing head. I was taught how to review surveys, encode and do open coding. Later in the afternoon, I also learned how to manage data tables and such. Yesterday and today are the most productive of my entire week, but are also the most boring. I’ve never felt more sleepy and tired than how I felt on these days. I hope things will get more exciting tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “First week at work…

  1. Congratulations!!! Sorry, I’m just now catching up on reading some blogs. Good to see your persistence and patience paid off! πŸ™‚

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