She Keeps Me Warm – Mary Lambert

Like most of the people who recently knew about Mary Lambert, I ‘discovered’ her through Macklemore’s Same Love. Her part was taken from what I later found out to be her original song entitled, She Keeps Me Warm. I googled her name and found her AfterEllen interview where her SoundCloud was embedded. Then, I searched her video on Youtube and found this.

I think the other hot girl in the vid is her real girlfriend. In the AfterEllen write up, she said that they met on OkCupid. I LOL-ed, but hey, some people really do find their perfect match online.

Anyway, I find the music video cute. Nothing explicit, it’s very wholesome, sweet and romantic. Something I’d be glad to watch and hear over and over. See for yourself. 🙂


The Voice PH Top 8: Paolo Onesa

I have a new guy crush!!! Paolo Onesa. He’s the other semi-finalist on Team Bamboo who, unfortunately, didn’t make it tonight. I don’t hate his other teammate for winning over him, though, because I think both of them were deserving. I just wanted to see and hear more of Paolo so I didn’t wish for him to go home yet. LOL

Anyway, both the guys have great voices in their respective genres, play the guitar, and were awkward without it because they didn’t know where to place their hands at first. But they’re learning to be more comfortable with their body and how to act on stage, holding just the mic. Also, they seem to be nice people with interesting stories.

What I like more about Paolo, however, is that (aside from he’s better looking and I find his shyness rather cute :>) his voice is really sweet and I can feel his sincerity almost like he’s serenading his audience (me) every time he sings. Plus the fact that he’s made it this far, considering that he was only a one-chair turner, whereas the other made all four coaches turn during the blinds. Sooooo, good job Paolo! 🙂


This wasn’t his semi-finals performance, but I think this was the most downloaded song in iTunes by a Voice PH artist. Heeheeeee! 😀

NW: Best Song Ever – One Direction

Sorry, I just had to unleash the One Direction fan girl in me to say that this freshly released video of Best Song Ever is hilarious! And Zayn (as Veronica in the vid) was too stunningly beautiful, I’m willing to give up Harry for her. LOL

Veronica and Harry


I think it’s not only the best song, but the best video ever. I was almost in tears halfway through. I’m so proud of our boys! 😀

The Lea Salonga

I watched Gandang Gabi Vice this evening where Lea Salonga was guest. It was very refreshing to see her in a different setting since I only get to see her in the Voice PH. I have to say, she didn’t age at all. Then I started browsing photos of her on Google and found that she’s more beautiful without makeup.

Anyway, during the last part of the show, Vice requested Lea to sing Daniel Padilla’s song, Nasa’yo Na Ang Lahat. She didn’t only give justice to the song, her version was honestly waaaay waaaay better! Lol. The song starts at 1:23. You HAVE to hear this! 😉


Now Playing: The Reverb Junkie

It’s so refreshing to hear non-mainstream music especially from The Reverb Junkie. It may not be the kind of music often played on the radio but it’s definitely worth listening to. Here, try it. You could be her next victim. Haha! Go to for more. You’ll notice the voice is familiar. 😉