Mandatory Christmas Post

Nothing compares to the joy I feel whenever I buy and wrap gifts for my loved ones during Christmas and seeing them smile when I hand over my presents. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give this year because I’m broke. I have yet to find a job so that hopefully next year I get to give again. Apologies to my family for now. :p

Anyway… Christmas is something we Filipinos enjoy even in the midst of trials and challenges in life. It’s something we celebrate despite deaths, poverty, and whatnot. My family, for one, have had this long-standing tradition of gathering for Noche Buena every year, counting down 10 seconds to midnight to greet each other Merry Christmas and line up for our presents. But change is inevitable. At one point, our tradition may change; we might welcome new members to our family such as my newly-born nieces and nephews or any of us may not be there to celebrate Christmas with the rest of the family like before, like my grandfather who passed away last month. And I fully understand that these things happen so we should just make the most out of every moment we have together. What is more important is that Christmas or not, we remain a family and we continue to live the values we learned as a family.

Merry Christmas everyone! ūüôā


Simbang Gabi

Dear Lord,

There was this hot girl I couldn’t take my eyes away from because she’s standing right in front of me during mass. But¬†I promise I was (more) attentive tonight more than ever.

Truly Yours,


The conflict.

It’s alright to be gay as long as gays don’t enter same-sex relationships.

I’m guessing you took that from the bible?

Yes. And it’s right. It’s impossible for gays to want to follow the right path when they can’t even do the right thing.

But I know very nice people who are gay and in a relationship.

No matter how nice they are, they’re still living in sin. But I don’t really wanna judge them. God doesn’t want that.

Hospital Gossips

Staying in the hospital for almost two weeks now has made my world smaller in that my social interaction has been limited to the doctor and nurses and¬†the¬†people who visit my Lolo Dad (i.e., my family) everyday. It’s not exactly a bad thing, though, because surprisingly, I’m liking the new environment and I’m starting to make friends (and crushes, more importantly ūüėČ ) with the nurses. And it’s funny that, despite it being unethical and none of my business, we often talk about the patients and the people in the other rooms.

Like, one of the patients in a room nearby is someone my dad knows. I saw dad talking to him the other day and he seemed to be friendly. He even introduced me to him. The man was admitted at almost the same time as my grandfather and has diabetes. ¬†According to my aunt, he was recommended for a leg amputation procedure but was taking his time to decide whether he’d push through with the operation. Unlike many of the patients, he doesn’t have a guardian who looked after him so he’d always press the buzzer when he needed something, which he did more often than necessary. Many of the nurses dread going to his room because he treats them like domestic helpers, if not slaves–he’d curse them or hurl anything he touches whenever they didn’t smile at him or just when he feels like doing it. Almost always, he gets mad at the slightest things as if he’s making up reasons to vent his anger on the¬†poor nurses. Maybe it was his way of coping with his situation or maybe he was just ill-mannered, who knows? Nonetheless, he doesn’t have the right to treat the nurses the way he does.

The other patient is a Muslim and is the opposite of the diabetes guy. For some reason, he had about 10 family members staying with him in his room day in, day out. During daytime, I’d see them pray at the end of the hallway one at a time. But I seldom see them loiter outside the room like what my family usually do when it’s too cold inside. At night, the nurses say they have difficulty giving the patient his meds and checking his vital stats either because the room is locked or is too crowded with people sleeping, it’s an obstacle walking across.

The patient confined in the room next to ours is only in his 60s and is in critical condition. My nurse crush said he’s breathing with the help of a respirator. The lights in his room are always off and a sign saying “Please limit visitors” hangs outside his door. Last night, his lifeline monitor kept producing a flatline sound and I wondered if he’d given up. This afternoon, I learned from one of the nurses that their machine was defective, thus the sound.

Anyway, the more significant part of our exchanges were, of course, about their personal lives. All of those I have spoken with have plans of working outside the country and are just gaining experience from their present work. Indeed, it’s sad how so many nurses (mostly the best in the country) are finding greener pastures in foreign lands when they could have contributed their skills to the betterment of their own country. But we can’t stop them from doing so unless we take care of them by regulating the number of undergrads who take up nursing and compensating registered nurses fairly.

Thoughts on my internship application today.

I went to a job interview at 9 AM today without being aware that the company I was applying for was BPO in nature. What’s wrong with BPO? Well…

The night before the scheduled interview, I reviewed the company’s profile and familiarized myself with their products and services. I also went over the job description and other specs again to be more prepared for the next day. Knowing that it was a Fortune 500 multinational firm with more than 120 years in the business, the thought of being shortlisted for the position I was applying for gave me a thrill. (My mom was more excited than me.) Plus, I can contribute my skills, while gaining experience in the time being. I definitely will give it my best, I thought.

Come interview day, the environment outside the building already gave me the impression that it wasn’t the company I was expecting it to be since there were many BPO firms in the area. And that came true during the orientation.¬†I guess I missed the part (in my crammed research at home) that their branch in the Philippines offers ‘shared services’.¬†According to¬†

Shared services is the consolidation of business operations that are used by multiple parts of the same organization. [It is] cost-efficient because they centralize back-office operations that are used by multiple divisions of the same company and eliminate redundancy.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding of this is that if I work for the company, I’d be doing most of the hard work, while my counterpart in another country will make use of my deliverables. In other words, I can never see the results of my work and the completion of whatever project I’m working on. And for me, there is no sense of achievement there. What’s even more disappointing is the fact that majority of the applicants in the briefing room were IT and engineering graduates (some are maybe licensed), yet they will be doing back-office work that’ll give them less pay and credit than what they deserve. So I wonder, is the increase in the number of jobs generated by BPOs really something to be proud of?

In case you’re wondering, I deferred my application.


Meron akong fino-follow na celebrity sa Twitter na idol na idol ko dahil lahat ng pangit pinupuna niya sa social networking site na ito. Kulang na nga lang pati mga pangit na celebrities punahin niya eh. Joke! Ang hindi joke, mapa-pulitiko, kapwa celebrity, religious leaders, bansa, wala siyang pakialam sa kanila basta sasabihin niya lahat ng iniisip niya ‘pag alam niyang ito ang tama. Ano nga naman ang pakialam nila, may freedom of expression tayo.

Ang kagandahan din dito, parang ang tapang niya kasi isipin mo, atakihin mo ba naman ‘yung mga malalakas na tao sa lipunan? Astig kaya ‘yon. Basta, ang talino at ang profound ng mga banat niya patungkol sa mga social ills natin, tapos siyempre, Twitter pa ‘yon so ang powerful, ‘di ba?

Nung isang araw nga nag-tweet siya ng, ‘Sometimes, I weep for humanity’ kasama ng screen cap ng top 2 trending topics noong araw na ‘yon. ¬†Ang isa ay tungkol sa trailer ng teleseryeng marahil ay inaabangan ng maraming Pilipinong gumagamit ng Twitter, at ang isa naman ay para kay Justin Bieber.

Oo nga naman. Dapat pa nga natin siyang samahang magluksa dahil sa kababawan ng sangkatauhan (or in this case, sa kababawan ng mga Pilipinong gumagamit ng Twitter) dahil ito ang kanilang mga pinag-uusapan sa halip na mga mas socially relevant at kapaki-pakinabang na bagay. Haay, naku, ang mga Pilipino talaga. Sana lahat ng Pilipino tularan na lang ang mga tweets nya, baka umasenso pa ang bansa natin. Bakit ba sila nag-aaksaya ng panahon na magpa-trend pa ng mga walang kakwenta-kwentang bagay? Waste of time, ah.

Isang beses naman, sinuggest niya sa mga obispo (sa pamamagitan din ng Twitter) na patirahin na lang sa mga simbahan lahat ng illegal settlers na nawalan ng tirahan dahil sa demolisyon. Sayang naman daw ang space kasi nga naman, ang lalaki ng simbahan eh ‘pag linggo lang naman napupuno. Bakit nga naman hindi? Ang lawak kaya ng lupain ng simbahan. At sa dinami-rami ng donations na natatanggap nila sa mga taga-sunod nila, kayang-kaya nilang kumupkop ng mga homeless. Tsaka teaching ni Jesus ‘yon, ‘di ba? Pero hindi naman sa pag-aano, ha, sinusuportahan ko si idol dito, ‘wag lang niyang sasabihin ‘yan sa mga Muslim kasi hindi natin sila kabisadong magalit. Pero okay lang talaga kung mga Kristiyanong lider lang ang patamaan niya.

Sa totoo lang, marami pa ‘yan. Kulang pa ‘yan para ma-establish ko ‘yung pagtingala ko rito sa idol ko. Kaya lang #medyobusy ako eh. Next time ko na lang itutuloy, ha?